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AP: The Gays' "Just Cause" is "Inevitable"

The Associated Press quotes the Mercury News editorial

AP says the states whose judges recently overthrew the will of the voters are the "vanguards" of "social change," in deciding that gays have the "same right as heterosexual couples to marry."

After starting off with this lie (gays already have the same rights, they want special rights), AP launches in a torrent of radically biased garbage:

"In the evolution of social change, the world isn't flat; it's upside down... 52 percent of voters approved last November to repeal the right of gays and lesbians to marry.

This was a setback for the movement. But its momentum is growing, and its success is inevitable because the cause is just. Decades from now, this matter of marriage equity will seem as obvious as allowing people of different races to wed, or letting women vote.

California's justices are loath to invalidate the will of the voters [uhh... isn't that exactly what they did last time?]...

However, the ruling sets a dangerous precedent: It denies a minority a right that the constitution had provided [no it didn't]... Think of the waves of anti-immigrant sentiment that sweep California from time to time. Could the next one bring a proposition that limits immigrants' rights? [slipperly slope logical fallacy]

Trends in the polls show that a measure eventually will succeed [actually, Gallup shows opposition to gay marriage growing] "

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Who is John Galt? said...

And that's why Mercury News is going out of business...