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AP Paints Critics Of Sotomayor As Extremists

GOP divided over tone of Sotomayor debate

AP- "A growing chorus of GOP lawmakers and conservative strategists are voicing concern over the strident rhetoric some prominent Republicans have used to describe Sotomayor, and some are denouncing right-wing groups for swiftly launching negative advertisements against her.

Woah... wait... who are these conservative strategists AP makes these claims about? Who are the prominent Republicans they mention? What right-wing groups have launched negative advertisements, and where are these advertisements?

All the Associated Press gives us is Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich, the usual liberal punching bags.

AP helped Democrats oppose the first black person to be nominated to the court. No complaint like they complain here.

AP helped Democrats oppose Miguel Estrada, who is Hispanic, when he was nominated to the federal court of appeals.

AP helped Democrats oppose a black woman, Janice Rogers Brown, back as she was nominated to the federal court of appeals. No complaint.

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