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AP Propaganda: "Inevitable" Gay Marriage

"This is not a sea change. This is a tide that is slowly rising in favor of gay marriage."

AP hails this as a "tipping point" for "gay marriage," which Republicans have too long used as a "wedge issue." AP says conservative opposition only will "marginalize party moderates."

Of course this doesn't apply to radical Democrats. "Hard-core liberals support gay marriage, while others, including President Barack Obama, take a more moderate position of civil unions and defer to states on gay marriage." Somehow that's just "flexibility on the issue" while conservative opposition is "marginalizing moderates." Because Democrats have "more accepting younger voters" who are "tolerant," you see.

Somehow Republican opposition to "gay marriage" goes against the good American principles of "grass-roots organizing and small-dollar fundraising." AP doesn't even try to explain that one.

The only quote we get from a Republican is from a McCain stragetist's speech to the Log Cabins. But the Associated Press feeds us plenty of propaganda from radical liberals.

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