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Attack of the "---- Couple Reacts To Prop-8 Ruling"

The media is rife with articles about ordinary plain-Joe couples reacting to proposition 8. Of course they are all, 100% gay and lesbian "victimized" couples who strongly disagree with the court ruling.


Anonymous said...

I think it was great what the court ruled. Marriage is between one man and one woman.

Pearl said...
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Pearl said...

(Sorry . . . had a typo.)

The media is so, so biased and as life moves on and more and more moral and social issues come to bear, that self-evident truth will become even more glaringly obvious. As for this "regular Jane," I am extremely pleased with the court decision. Californian voters have the right to amend their Constitution. To deny that right would be to kill citizens' confidence in democracy and to significantly injure presence at voting polls in the future. Yesterday, my vote was counted. My family and I would make a darling and emotionally moving picture of relief . . . if only the media would report fairly. Hey, a girl can dream, right? :0)