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Boston Globe Covers Up New Hampshire Gay Marriage Corruption

Compromise reached on NH gay marriage bill

Comprimise? Well let's see how reports it: "There was little debate over the changes, save for Sen. Sheila Roberge, R-Bedford, who offered three substitute proposals, all of which were rejected."

Roberge, you see, wanted to allow citizens to vote on whether people can refuse to perform gay weddings. The least the corrupt politicians can do is let us vote on that much. Pretty terrible, I know! So how did they finally compromise with this dastardly counterrevolutionary?

"Because a compromise must receive unanimous support to survive, Roberge was then removed from the committee and replaced with Sen. Matthew Houde, D-Plainfield, who voted with the majority."

Thank you comrades!

1 comment:

Who is John Galt? said...

Let's not bother the people of Massachusetts with such trivial things as . . . say . . . governance by popular consent. After all, it’s always worked much better in the past to have a small group of elitists trying to tell the masses what to do and think.