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Breaking!! Obama Walks Down A Street!

The Associated Press gives us all the breathtaking details of President Obama's walk (Bush was just "Mr. Bush." However, Obama is "President Obama".)

Where were Barry and Michelle going? "To the vegetable garden? The basketball court?" Turns out it was to a restaurant. To eat.

AP hails this as an "unscripted moment" for Obama. Tune in next week when they use the restroom after breakfast!

You've got to be freakin kidding me.

The Philadelphia Inquirer is just amazed that white people didn't shoot at Obama during his monumental stroll.

1 comment:

Euripides said...

Thanks for the good laugh. I now feel wholly informed about the important news of the day after learning from you that Obama walked down a street.

Has anyone pointed out that the reason no one took a shot at Obama is because Joe "Freakin" Biden is the vice president?