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China Censors Search Engine, Inserts Anti-American Results

Search on for "Tiananmen Square student massacre."

The top result is an anti-American blog complaining about Iraq atrocities. Baidu quotes the webpage: "The girl's parents did not drive in accordance with ... yes ah, the Tiananmen Square massacre of students also. Who massacred students in Tiananmen Square?" But go to the page and you will find that the text of the page has been changed by Chinese censors to say, "The girl's parents did not drive in accordance with the meaning of the U.S. military to stop cars, then shot and killed inside the U.S. military made her parents."

Next we get this blog about the Tiananmen massacre which Baidu quotes as saying, "...movement in Tiananmen Square ... the main casualties occurred in the military on his way to Tiananmen Square to promote... that occurred in Tiananmen Square massacre." Go to the page and that all disappears, and turns into an anti-Democracy rant.

The next top results is a Chinese propaganda youtube video calling the massacre a myth and another blog calling it a myth.

NDTV reports that China has blacklisted search keywords on Baidu and other top search engines. Citizen Lab from the University of Toronto found that Baidu censors 26% of the tested websites. (Google and Yahoo aren't much better.)

NDTV has obtained a copy of the communist blacklist for Baidu. It has 13 topics, which include:

  • Information on “defending human rights and appeals,”
  • Falun Gong
  • The 1989 Tiananmen Square student massacre
  • Information on Chinese Communist Party leaders
  • Ethnic minority issues and the human organ trade.
Keywords that get flagged for review and censorship include “quit the CCP,” “dictatorship,” “suppression,” “China’s human rights” and “brainwashing.”

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