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Daily Kos: Repress Racial Minorities & "Kill" Mormon Money To Force Gay Marriage

Liberal media Daily Kos suggests that in order to overturn proposition 8's ban on "gay marriage," they should make sure that black and Hispanic voters don't come to the booths in the record numbers we saw this last election. Daily Kos went on to suggest how they could "counter the Mormon ad machine with our own messages to kill the abomination."

If a conservative blog ever tried to stifle minority voters or call for the "killing" of religious minority influence, of course they would be called fascists and Nazis.

But this liberal blog does it brazingly, and the radical liberals cheer. Take a look at the comments. User lineatus disagrees with the fascist article and is called a Republican troll.

1 comment:

Who is John Galt? said...

Wow. It becomes more and more clear to me that people had it backwards when they accused conservatives of being fascists. You don't see conservatives committing voter intimidation, specifically and relentlessly targeting a small minority group. The Obamanation of Amerika continues. I only hope more people will wake up before something really terrible happens.