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Gay Groups Push Phony "Gay Marriage" Poll in N.H.

A recent A University of New Hampshire Survey Center Poll found that 55 percent of New Hampshire residents support allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry. The Director Andy Smith remarked, "since he began polling on the question in 2003, he's consistently found more than 50 percent of residents support same- sex marriage."

That's because your poll only has a sample of 491 people, Smith! Any statistician will tell you that is a bad poll.

CPR-Action polled 432,398 households (just a tad bigger sample pool) and found that 64 percent oppose gay marriage. Which poll do you think is more correct?

The Nashua Telegraph slams the CPR poll for using negative wording in its questions. They actually cite the phony pro-gay poll as they attempt to smear the more accurate CPR poll.

The media is being directed by the pro-gay marriage New Hampshire Freedom to Marry organization to report only on the false University of New Hampshire poll., Bay Area Reporter, WCAX-TV, and seacoastonline are a few that reported only the phony poll.

Christian Post reported both but failed to mention the enormous difference in sampling numbers. Across the media, we have seen a dramatic shift in polls toward gay marriage support. Because people's opinions are changing? Nope.

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