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Scare Force One Photo Faked?

Take a look at the map to the right, which I made from google maps. The position of Air Force One and the plane that supposedly took the photo is correct to this flight path. But keep in mind that the fly-over occurred at 10 A.M. and the pair flew in the North direction.

Then look at the photo below, which Obama gave us and told us is from the fly-over. The morning sun angle should be shining light on the rear of the plane. But the shadow angles on the wings of Air Force One go the opposition direction, as if the sun is shining from the North.

Now look at the statue of Liberty. Those shadows are also inconsistent with the time frame. This morning image from the same angle shows how the shadows should be on the statue. Was it just cloudy? Nope. You can see in this image of the Scare Force One flyover.

Air Force One was photoshopped onto a photo taken at a different time of day than the flyover. You can even see a reflection in the top right corner, as if the photo was taken out an airplane window. For $350,000 you'd think they could do better than that.

Just a theory. What do you think?

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Liz said...

Your picture is broken. Won't work in Google Chrome or Explorer. I'd like to see it, though! :0) I have to admit I haven't heard anything about this. What's the hullabaloo?