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10,000 Protest In Iran. Video Of Police Shooting From Rooftops

Iran's government has spread blacklists of non-Muslims in several cities which leads to increased persecution

Not only did Ahmadinejad win the sham recount, but he gained votes government media reported

Egypt shuts down and bans sympathy protests for Iran, revealing how integral Iran's brutal regime is to the other Middle Eastern countries

Iran says the Basij police that killed and beat protesters were imposters [sic] but don't worry the imposters [sic] were arrested. Uh huh....

Breaking video of today's protests:

"Obama strategies failing in Iran" is the headline at Al Jazeera. Germany's Der Spiegel said the same thing. Ouch!

Iran is in full media coverup mode over the Neda muder which claims that no police were nearby, which contradicts video proof. The report also claims the bullet came from a handgun, which is impossible to know because the government disposed of the body so quickly.

"Policemen are not authorized to use weapons against people," said Tehran's police chief. Plentiful video evidence, however, shows secret police shooting people randomly.

USA Today/ Gannett employee claims a pro-Ahaminejad hack there will soon publish propaganda praising the brutal regime. The reporter believes that Neda Soltani was murdered by protesters. More here

3,000 to 10,000 protested in Ghoba Mosque today according to independent reports. Karoubi was there and Mousavi addressed the crowd via cell phone.

Police fired shots and beat protesters although there are no reports of fatalities.

Up to 100 were arrested at the protest including movie star Reza Ataraan, reporter Shokoofeh Azar, and legal secretary of journalists' union Kambiz Norouzi.

Iran released 4 hostages of Britain's embassy in Tehran.

Obama meddled in Honduras elections, striving to "prevent President Zelaya’s ouster" in an amazing display of hypocrisy that won't get reported in the media.

Crimes against Humanity charges sought against Iran in The Hague in the U.N.'s first hint that they aren't completely useless

Iran's official election results have changed several times according to reports.

Video of Basij Police shooting and killing random people on the street:

Police at today's protest:

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