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Obama Co-Sponsers UN Bill With Marxists Against Honduras... AP, BBC Ignore

The United States co-sponsored legislation with Marxist regimes Venezuela and Bolivia in support of Honduras' ousted president Manuel Zelaya.

Zelaya had been LEGALLY ousted by the other branches of government for seeking a third term as president, and for numerous cases of fraud and corruption, including massive drug smuggling. Days after Obama refused to meddle in Iran's internal affairs, he took swift action against Honduras and supporting Zelaya, and now seeks to cut $215 million in help battling drug smuggling. He mobilized U.N. backing behind Zelaya who will enter the country again with U.N. military support.

The Associated Press forgot to mention who authored the bill in their lengthy report.

BBC reports: The bill "was co-sponsored by a group of Latin American and Caribbean nations and was supported by the United States." That group of countries just happens to consist of Chavez, who also tried to extend his term of president and successfully became supreme ruler for life, and other Marxist or dictatorial countries.

And Obama.

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