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CBS: "Meet Iran's President Bush"- More Protest Update!

Update:CNN reports on police savagely beating a boy for defending a young girl from the thugs.

Nokia and Siemens is helping Iran track down protesters.

Here police are caught on camera smashing cars to make it look like protesters are violent.

Germany summoned Iran's ambassador over the fraud elections.

Here are ignored sympathy protests in L.A., New York, San Francisco, Boston, Washington D.C., London, Cologne, Berlin, Paris, and thousands of other cities around the world.

Globe reporter arrested and beaten. CNN reporter beaten. From BBC's report- crowd chases off secret police who try to arrest BBC reporters again-

Photos show protesters rushing injuredpolice to safety. Protesters don't get the same courtesy, however.

CBS contributes to the big cover-up of what's truly going on in Iran. They call Ahmadinejad "Iran's President Bush." Hmmm, perhaps they found a memo that says this...

More Iran updates as they come...

Photo from gatewaypundit

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