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CNN Lies, KUSI Edits Video To Implicate Violence Against Gay Protester

KUSI-TV edited this footage to take out what happened right before this confrontation. KUSI further lies and calls the man a anti-gay "protester" while in truth he was just a passerby.

The gay protester DeHarte had likely waved the flag in his face, in my opinion, hitting him with the object, which is assault. Naturally, the San Diego police arrested only the man who defended himself and charged him with assault and unconstitutional hate crimes.

CNN lies about the confrontation and says "Ron deHarte was attacked by a man who deHarte said uttered anti-gay slurs." Clearly the man was only pushing the flag away from him.


beetlebabee said...

what is the other side of the argument? I didn't see a link.

Dr B said...

I can't find anything about this incident but those two links. I'll be waiting, of course, to see what the guy says for himself. I'm just pointing out that this video had the beginning of the incident edited out and that to me it looks like the protester probably instigated the event.