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Top Iran Twitter Source "Persiankiwi" Faces Torture/ Execution After Arrest

Update: Someone named Persiankiwi2 claims to be Persiankiwi

The revolution is losing steam says Associated Press

Police arrested people at a candle light vigil for the killed. Following China's tactics, agents were also there taking pictures of people.

Here is a partial list of those arrested or killed

The main leaker of human rights abuses in Iran has been arrested. This is unconfirmed. I suggested to him that he should start a new Twitter account for safety. Maybe he took my advice.

At Friday prayers, Iran announced they intend to kill captured protesters. Up to 5,000 have been captured so far. Here's the torture they looks forward to:

The mutilated body of Democracy activist Kianoosh Assa was found in a Tehran mosque days after he was kidnapped. The government won't release the body.

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