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Iran Goes Up In Flames As America Sleeps

Update: Hundreds of students are trapped at Guilan and Sharif University as police go through and make arrests. At least 400 have been arrested so far.

Here's a video of the truck dumping sand to block police on the streets:

Here's a report that the riot police are foreign imports, Hezbollah arabs brought in to do to the citizens what a Persian cop would refuse to do.

Tanks in front of Interior Ministry. NBC headquarters in Tehran invaded. ABC News invaded Hackers have brought down Ahmanijad's website. 17 year old beat to death by police as he rushed to the hospital

Protester beat to death by police:

Crowds of thousands are being broken up by troops:

Video here of police beating women.

From CNN: "Men in motorcycles with metal pipes chased after protesters beating them, also near Hotel Tehran ... Man approached cops to ask why they were shoving a woman. 4-5 cops beat him senseless near Hotel Tehran"

CNN frets about the TV switch to analog, which no one cares about, while Iran falls into utter chaos. BBC lies and says today is "calm."

Now it is morning in Iran. All politicians on the ballot besides Ahmadabad have been arrested. Up to 100 are feared shot dead and hundreds arrested. At least 30 journalists have been beaten and arrested. Many buildings, including the student dorms at Iran's university, have gone up in flames. This is only going to get worse.

Here's some breaking videos:

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