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Iran Protest: Shootings, Arrests, Cyber Attacks By Iran Continue

Update!: Breaking video of protesters overtaking police on Saturday:

More video proof of police smashing windows and vandalizing here

Iran's government admitted 10 deaths in the latest day of crackdowns on protesters. Thousands marched on as police fired into peaceful crowds and arrested the injured who sought help at hospitals and foreign embassies.

Iran successfully hacked both Mousavi's sites including The sites now ask for personal info which Iran will use to make arrests

The Revolutionary Guard burned down a mosque with people trapped inside, another blatant war-crime that the U.N. will ignore.

CBS compares Iran's crackdown to the United States crackdown on Vietnam war protesters. Idiots. CBS previously called Ahmenijadad "the Bush of our time."

List of imprisoned journalists and politicians

At least 24 journalists have been arrested according to Reporters without Borders, including filmmaker Maziar Bahari, a Newsweek reporter and a Life magazine photographer. I'm sure the number is really much higher.

Police continued vandalism and random violence (see image to the right), making hundreds more arrests. They arrested the daughter and four other relatives of former President Hashemi Rafsanjani.

Iran announced 475 people were arrested yesterday.

Video of protesters giving a beat-down to a Basij secret policeman.

Latest videos from today:

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