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Iran Sunday: The Media Claims Nothing Happened. But Here's The Truth:

The Associated Press reported: "Tehran's streets were mostly quiet on Sunday, but cries of "God is great" and "Death to the dictator" echoed again from rooftops after dark, a sign of seething anger at the government crackdown."

AP reports that Iran expelled BBC, suspended Al-Arabiya TV, and detained 2 jouranlists. What AP didn't report about Sunday can fill the Grand Canyon:

At least 25 jouranlists and numerous politicians have been arrested. confirmed. Most of Mousavi’s advisors and important aides have all been arrested. He is under house arrest and banned from the media. The government has hacked and taken over all his websites.

A widespread strike is planned for Tuesday at Mousavi's request. People are stocking up supplies.

At least 5,000 people have been arrested thus far

Continued violence from police against mass protests

"Thousands of people took to street. People WERE beaten up in some parts, while in other parts; they weren't allowed to gather and were dispersed. There was a silent protest of people in front of the UN's office as well. Sporadic clashes are reported from Baharestan, Enqelab, Vanak and Vali-Asr squares. Hundreds of students continued to protest in Tehran University for the fourth straight day. There were also reports of people being attacked in the UN gathering – this has been partially confirmed."

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