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Iran: A Tienanmen Square Massacre Covered Up By Our Corrupt Media

Click here to help jam Iran's state-run media! Here to jam khamenei's website.

Youtube has started deleting Iran protest videos. Interesting, considering one of the founders of google is Iranian.

BBC and MSNBC headline a pro-Ahmadinejad rally, with scenes of thousands of people praising the dictator. BBC headlines this quote: "Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a brave leader with courage. Well done Iran" as they pick out the one or two supportive responses out of millions of pro-democracy responses. NYT reports on the criticism of CNN's non-existant coverage

Fox News (largely owned by fascist the king of Saudi Arabia) only headlines the dictator's talking points.'s big story is about Krispy Kreme's financial trouble as Iran is completely wiped from the news.

Here's the reality: thousands of brave patriots are defending freedom in the streets and getting beaten and killed. And America doesn't care.

Have we lost our title as defenders of freedom? It certainly looks that way.

Breaking Exclusive!! Photo after police raided university dormatory:

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