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Iran Update: Thousands Arrested, Police Stage Violence, All Journalists Expelled

Breaking! Police shooting victim at dorms (warning very graphic!)

Police brutality against hand-cuffed protester:

Iran police invaded Tehran University while Tweeter was down for maintenance a few hours ago. At least 200 police involved. Up to 5,000 arrested so far there.

All journalists have been kicked out of Iran reports ABC. Several Twitter users arrested after their proxies were tracked.

Police invading homes in this video staging violence, looting/making arrests in mass numbers:

Video of the University arrests earlier:

Military forces have started moving into Tehran, but refuse to fire on protesters according to reports. Several generals have been arrested. Anyone who publicly supported Mousavi in the past is being arrested. Human rights lawyers are being arrested. Ali Montazeri has questioned the election and condemned the violence

Video of doctors and nurses joining protests. Snipers are shooting protesters in the crowd from rooftops. More video of shooting victims here and here and here:

Politico continues to prove that they suck: Ahmadinejad won. Get over it

CNN and MSNBC are setting the spin, calling this a "battle between factions" of "essentially the same regime." Yahoo News headline lie: "Thousands rally for and against election."The croaks of a dying, lying media.

BBC, Al Jazeera and others are publishing usernames of those posting inside Iran. Youtube denies deleting videos. CNN reports that China is censoring reports about Iran.

While Obama sits in his office, deeply concerned about Iran (rumor is he wants to write a strongly worded letter to the U.N.) but doesn't want to tell anybody what to do (except for Israel of course), France's president Sarkozy stepped up and denounced the fraud.

The government will only conduct a "partial recount." You know what that means...

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