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Iran Update: Secret Police Attack Hospital, Election Turnout Over 100%

Police shoot anyone who yells "Allaho Akbar" from their balcony or arrest them later

Breaking video of new police violence and protests:

Police are storming any residence that has people chanting from the rooftop...

New details of the recent attack by police on student dorms from Wall Street Journal: "One medical student said he and his roommate blocked their door with furniture and hid in the closet when they heard the militia's motorcycles approaching. He heard the militia breaking down doors, and then screams of anguish as students were dragged from their beds and beaten violently.

When he came out after the militia had left, friends and classmates lay unconscious in dorm rooms and hallways, many with chest wounds from being stabbed or bloody faces from blows to their heads, he said. The staff of the hospital where the wounded students were taken, Hazrat Rasoul Hospital, was so shocked that they went on strike for two hours, standing silently outside the gate in their white medical uniforms.

American allies to Iran twitterers have been attacked by sleeper cells friendly to Iran's government in Ohio though they thought they were anonymous.

Iran election turnouts exceeded 100% in 30 towns, website reports

Men in civilian clothes attacked Day hospital in Tehran(Shahab News)- "This happened hours after some of the people wounded and injured in the street violence against protesters were brought to Day hospital by ambulances and by people on Tuesday...

The attackers who were armed with batons, chains, sticks, sprays and guns entered the emergency room by forcing and threatening the security guards and ordered doctors and nurses not to treat patients injured during the protests. They also called those patients "spies", "traitors", and "enemy's supporters".

The confrontation lasted 15 minutes during which the hospital staff tried to keep the attackers from approaching the patients and recognizing their faces.

Internet in Iran is cut off, sources say.

Secretary General Ibrahim Yazdi has been arrested for speaking out against the rigged elections along with 100 others arrested

Descriptioin of torture from student who was arrested earlier.

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cura te ipsum said...

I have a few Iranian friends and one just mentioned that there will be demonstration tonight at Sunrise and Greenback from 6-8pm. I tried to text you, but I don't know if it went through or not. Anyway, we should go.
Azerbaican yatmiyib, Musavini atmiyib!