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Update: Obama's Weak Response To Massacre In Iran

Besieged students at Shahid Beheshti University have been visiting AP Check...

Obama breaks his silence on the revolution in Iran:

Breaking video of protesters being shot by police:

Breaking video of riots still going strong. Iran's government has employed 5000 Lebanese Hezbollah thugs on bikes in Tehran. Youth shot by police:

At least 2 million protesters defied the regime and led an illegal protest in Tehran's Revolution Square today. Police have killed at least 15 people at the Azadi Square rally led by Hossein Mousavi. Here is a video of a boy shot by police.

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At least 100 students have been arrested, hundreds are injured, and 10-15 deaths. Students are trapped. Students on Twitter at several universities in Tehran say they are trying to sneak out of the police parameter. Here's video of student dormitories ransacked by police.

Protests spread to the town of Ardabil.

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Euripides said...

Waaaaaait a minute! I thought Obama said these folks should be our best friends forever 'cause we had so much in common? Looks like we have a few "differences" to iron out?