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Iran Breaking Videos: Tehran Terrorized By Secret Police By Night

My title is by no means an exaggeration. Listen to the utter war-zone of an entire community raided by the Hezbollah Basij in Tehran:

Secret police headquarters on fire! More from last night:

Iran's police team-beat youths even after they are dead:

"The most disturbing account I heard today was from an eyewitness in Sattar Khan Sq. She witnessed 50 riot guards club a young man to death and even when he was dead and drowning in his pool of blood, the riot guards continued to beat his dead body as if they were getting high on an orgy of pleasure from senseless violence. She said she was so distraught from what she witnessed she had to throw up when she got home." from azarmehr

CNN explains who the secret police are.

Canada Embassy still refuses to accept wounded protesters. confirmed. Most embassies are blocked by police.

Chemical agents dumped from helicopters in this video shows violation of international law.

The International Campaign for Human Rights condemned the arrest of injured protesters at hospitals, which violates international law:

"The arrest of citizens seeking care for wounds suffered at the hands of security forces when they attempted to exercise rights guaranteed under their own constitution and international law is deplorable. It can only be taken as a sign of profound disrespect by the state for the well-being of its own people."

AP's report from today is pretty much worthless. No mention of the estimated 150 slaughtered in today's "silent protest."

Is N.Korea's nuclear threat in Hawaii a diversion? A favor for an old friend.

Mousavi supposedly wrote this letter to Obama:

"In the name of the Iranian people, we want you to know that when you recently made the statement “Achmadinejad or Mousavi? Two of a kind,” we consider this as a grave and deep insult, not just to Mr. Mousavi but especially against the judgment of the Iranian people, against our moral conviction and intelligence, especially those of the young generation that comprises a population of 31 million.

It is a specially grave insult for those who are now fighting for democracy and freedom, and an unwarranted gift and even praise for Mr. Khamenei, whose security forces are now killing peaceful Iranians in the streets of every major city in the country.

Your statement misled the people of the world. It was no doubt inspired by your hope for dialogue with this regime, but you cannot possibly believe in promises from a regime that lies to its own people and then kills them when they demand the promises be kept.

By such statements, your administration and you discourage the Iranian people, who believe and trust in the values of democracy and freedom. We are pleased to see that you have condemned the regime’s murderous violence, and we look forward to stronger support for the rightful struggle of the Iranian people against the actions of a regime that is your enemy as well as ours." source

Breaking from today:


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