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Update: Iranian Military Coup In The Making? Ahmadinejad Flees

Update: State Department Asked Twitter to Delay Downtime. I think we can safely say the mainstream media is impotent in Iran.

Khatami's former chief of staff and vice president Abtahi has reportedly been arrested. Senior members of the Revolutionary Guard have been arrested for making "contact with members of the Iranian army to join the people's movement." Ahmadinejad is fleeing to Russia for "a summit."

Hundreds arrested in Tehran today and brought into Evin prison. Eleven hospitals in Tehran report a large increase in injured. Several killed in Ahwaz, reports PersianKiwi (reliable source). Several killed in Isfahan. Many killed in Sharak Gharb. Akram hospital had 12 dead on arrival.

Undercover police are ransacking student dorms at Shiraz and Mashad Universities again and making arrests. They will be attacked again tonight. There are critical injuries. Police threw students off buildings, three killed. Police prevent people from inspecting a car explosion at Nooshiravani Babol University that killed 5.

"Right now there r a few plain clothes in the halls yelling people 2get in their rooms, trying 2keep us here." (on twitter)

Garbage collectors join the protest in a nation-wide strike:

Here is video of protesters defying gunfire from police. Video of man shot by police.

Breaking video of the protest today:

Tabriz TV station on fire

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