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Media Covers Up Iran's "Supreme Leader" Chant: "Death To America"

Immediately following Khamenei's landmark address to the Iranian people, he led the people in a chant: "Death to America! Death to Israel!"

You won't see the Associated Press or a single media in the west report any mention (translated into German) of the crowd chanting.

Now why would there be a complete media blackout about something so important??

Update: ABC says this is the manifesto for tomorrow's historic march. It is so powerful!:

It becomes clear that the revolution must overthrow the entire regime, and that there will be very bloody days ahead. Will they do it?

The U.S. House of Representatives condemned the crackdown, but Barry Obama still doesn't want to meddle. All he can say is "I'm very concerned."

"God is great!" people in Tehran shout from their rooftops in defiance of Khamenei's threat of violence. Candidate Karoubi still demands the vote be redone.

Soccer players were suspended for wearing green in sympathy for the killed and tortured. Also, three more students were arrested. Here is very clear video here of Monday's murder of a protest at the Basiji headquarters.

Protesters hunt down secret police in the streets and ambush them in clever attacks: details

Iran's state media has been hacked and filled with images of the oppression (here). 17 Iranian journalists have been arrested, says Reporters Without Borders

The Associated Press repeats Iran's lie about Khamenei's speech with photos and reports of supporters showing up. Pro-government people were actually bussed in from other cities for Khamenei's speech, to give the illusion that he is popular. You won't see AP report this:

image from

Khamenei said this about U.S. democrats: "Even inside America, during the time of the Democrats, time of Clinton, 80 people were burned alive in Waco. Now you are talking about human rights?"

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