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Letterman's "Apology" For Palin Rape Joke: Let Me Repeat The Joke I Made

Letterman says Palin is upset for a joke he made about the rape of her 18 year old daughter (actually her daughter is 14 years old.)

Letterman responds: "Think about getting yourself a talk show!"

David Letterman then repeats his statutory rape jokes he had made, saying "it's a joke, that's all it's supposed to be."

Letterman continues the claim that his jokes weren't about the younger daughter. Palin's 14 year old daughter was at the baseball game in question, not the 18 year old. But at least Letterman denounces jokes about underage sexual misconduct (which he weasels his way out of).

1 comment:

LuxuryBlonde (Kaele) said...

This makes me soooooo angry!
Children are OFF limits! I don't care if the child is 14, or 30! I was watching hannity and he had some slutty movie star who defended Letterman because she said Palin has a daughter who had a child out of wedlock! And so she felt that made it less of a insult on the family. ooohrf! As if that makes it OK?!

didn't anmus get fired for that? Calling some girls nappy headed hoes, and didn't they first call themselves that first?

So it's not ok to call women who are over 21, nappy headed hoes, but its OK to speak about a 14 year old or an 18 year old in a degrating sexual way as a joke.