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Meanwhile In China... 10,000 Police Break Up Protest Against Boy's Murder By Official

Tu Yuangao died from a three-story fall off a government-run hotel that was notorious for drugs and corruption. A suicide note was placed on him and police forced the family to release the body, which had signs of torture.

About 70,000 protesters burned the hotel and rioted until they were dispersed by 10,000 riot police. Police have cremated the body and several of his family members have been kidnapped by the government. Some protesters were injured and arrested.

Look how well-trained those police are! Almost as if they do this sort of thing all the time...

And also in China... Chinese TV planted a CCTV intern as a random person on the street to criticize Google. Gao Ye was later discovered to be an intern at the TV station after he was interviewed about China's complaint that Google links people to pornography. Someone claiming to be Ye said on the internet: "I was only saying what the program director told me to."

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