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MSNBC Compares Pro-Lifers To Taliban

Abortion "doctor" Dr. Warren Hern appeared on MSNBC to declare:

"Dr. Tiller's crime was that he helped women and the man who killed him tried to kill an idea. The idea is freedom. So we don't have to invade other countries to find the terrorists. They’re here killing doctors who do abortions. The difference between – the main difference between the American anti-abortion movement and the Taliban is about 8,000 miles."

Hern also lied and said the murderer (the gunman I mean) didn't act alone:
"This was not the act of a lone deranged gunman. This is a result of 35 years of relentless and merciless anti-abortion harassment, violence, and intimidation, hate speech and violent rhetoric, and this is the absolutely predictable consequence of that kind of mindless harassment and fanaticism."

The last murder of an abortion "doctor" occurred 11 years ago.

Well... it's still enough for Obama to send personal bodyguards to abortion "doctors" around the country. Sheesh!

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