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NBC: Only Gays ‘Willing to Fight’ For Obsolete Institution Marriage

This doesn't even make sense

NBC News claims marriage is on the decline, yet notes that divorce rates are lower. Contradiction.

They then interview author Tsing Loh who is having a divorce because she says marriage is obsolete in "the twenty-first century" because we have evolved past that. Then NBC notes that she had an extra-marital affair. Hmm.

NBC then portray that only gays "are still willing to fight for the very institution; defining marriage as a source of a national debate right now." The purpose of this report? It is obviously to attack opponents to "gay marriage." The very people who are willing to fight for marriage. (via newsbusters)

1 comment:

Euripides said...

Wow. The logic of left-wing, liberal loonies leaves me flabbergasted. So, in effect these folks are saying anti-gay marriage folks are anti-marriage? That's one reason to keep insisting the opposition calls us pro-marriage or pro natural marriage.