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New Video Adds To Chinese Spacewalk Hoax

Last year I shocked the internet with this video that first revealed China's space walk was a hoax. Since then, my video has been copied all over the place and caused a huge discussion.

I updated my claims since then with this video. But I never became satisfied that I had done enough.

I compared an image of a NASA spacewalk with the Chinese spacewalk (see the image to the right) and the earth looks very similar. But I never found a video from this NASA spacewalk, and so I could never compare the earth or cloud movements.

This video here is in Italian, but this guy has better quality video from the Chinese spacewalk. He shows that the bubble originated from the helmet.

He also makes a new point about the lighting on the astronauts. The sun and earth ought to be the only light sources, but the stadium lighting (which we can see in reflections) gives a very even lighting. All light sources appear to be the same color.

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