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New Videos Of Iran Shooting Peaceful Protesters

Update! Iran charges $3,000 for retrieval of protester's body that was killed by police

Update! British embassy becomes a target of protests

More wounded can be seen in this new video from alameh tabatabai university

New video of Iran police randomly vandalizing cars and homes

Iran prepares special tribunals for arrested protesters.

Obama is still silent to buy time for a careful response.

Iran's media headline: "$400 Million CIA Budget For Creating Riots After The Election."

Iran blames protesters for the shootings

Nokia Siemens admits they gave Iran surveillance technology to track people but defends themselves by saying they didn't provide any internet tracking devices (that was never the issue.) Nokia concludes that their technology " ultimately benefits societies and brings greater prosperity."

Blogs now identify and report protesters in Iran to Iran's government. Like this one hosted by google. (Update: It has been removed by google, but has popped up elsewhere.) They even expose people who only help injured Basij.

Revolutionary Guard commander arrested fore refusing to shoot on demonstrators

The Shiroodi sports compound is now a base for the Basaj secret police as shown in this vide. Laleh Park and Shiroudi Stadium are other bases:

Protesters put ashes to try to disinfect wounds after attacked by Iran police:

Hundreds of thousands continue to march and reports of violence against peaceful protesters continue:

Touching commentary on CNN about the martyrdoms:

Video of building in flames

Cars honk in protest

Protest in Babol

Protest in Tabriz

Protest in Rasht

Breaking video from Saturday's protests show people building barricades

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