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"The People Of Iran Will Not Forgive Obama For Siding With The Evil Regime"

Hezbollah & Hamas Thugs Photographed In Iran, proof who is behind the anti-democracy bloody crackdown.

Breaking video of today's protest:

Mousavi spokesman: "Obama has said that there is no difference between Ahmadinejad and Mousavi. Does he like it himself [when someone is] saying that there is no difference between Obama and [George W.] Bush?"

Kianoosh Sanjari, who was arrested 9 times as a pro-democracy activist in Iran, says the people in Iran he spoke to are unhappy about Obama's silence

Over 1 million mourned those killed by government militias in today's protest in Tehran.

The leaker of the true election results has been killed in a "car acciden"

Hezbollah secret police attack a crowd and beat a young girl on the ground:

Two more students killed by police, reports ABC News. Confirmed 13 killed in Tehran, 32 elsewhere, and at least 800 arrested by Hezbollah secret police.

Revolutionary Guard commanders arrested for sympathizing with the protesters.

Today's protest:

There are 221,744 twitter posts per hour under the #IranElection tag, yet Fox News still doesn't care.

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