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Perez Hilton To Get An Emmy?

What do you get when you ask a Miss America contestant a political question and vote her down so she loses because of her personal opinion? How about if you call her all kinds of swear words on international media because of her personal opinion? What if you then team up with a hypocritical former Miss California to smear her?

It gets you on the Emmy ballot.

Perez announced he has been put on the Emmy ballot under the category "Best Host of a Reality Competition" for hosting “The Bad Girls Club.” His show is a raunchy series along the lines of "5th wheel," where seven catty young women live together in a mansion and viciously attack each other and see who can act the lewdest. Hilton sits back and calls them "b*****s" and makes lewd comments about their bodies.

Of course we know the Emmy nod is all about Hilton's militant support for gay "marriage." Hollywood is the muscle behind the attack on marriage.

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