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Update: Millions Continue Protest In Iran (Day Five)

Iran accuses Obama of "intolerable meddling" in Iran's election. I guess the apology tour didn't work... again...

National football players show solidarity with green armbands at international playoffs (video). Fans also showed support for the revolution.

Breaking video of shooting victims:

Students get attacked and beaten by police after chanting "An Iranian will die but will never accept oppression!":

At least 500 journalists and famous activists arrested so far, people report.

In this video people scream from their housetops, "You took our texts, our cell phones; even if you take all the other things we have, people still can let each other know that they are united, people still can call each other." Slideshow of latest protests here.

Damage to residential building by police in this video . They stage violence and blame protesters. Broken night stick found at vandalism site. Iran government says they have arrested the "main agents behind the vandalism" which was staged, and they might be executed.

EU Parliament condemns the voter fraud (video) (Obama is too busy swatting flies to say anything). Canada and Germany condemned the fraud and violent crackdown.

Protest crowds grow to millions:

Burials for a few students killed by police:

photos from

Time magazine says Ahmadinejad supporters are like Bush's base voters, Mousavi supporters are like John Kerry supporters.

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cura te ipsum said...

what's happening is gravely wrong and the rest of the world knows it regardless of the attempted cover up. and it's horrible to watch civilian protesters having to treat each other's gunshot wounds. they need doctors brought in there to provide basic medical care, politics aside. what a vile government that cares nothing for keeping its' people alive and safe.