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Photos Reveal Faked Iran Recount. Video Of Iran Riot Police Vandalizing Cars

Iran's media published photos of the recount that have two problems:

1. The ballots are fresh and crisp while cast ballots are always folded and probably worn a little.

2. The same handwriting appears on each ballot.

You can see in the photo to the right that the ballot is folded and worn when cast. Also see this photo and this photo.

U.S. co-sponsered a U.N. bill to support Honduras' ousted president who was thrown out by the courts for seeking an unconstitutional third term. Obama has been actively supporting the corrupt man for some time, along with Chavez and Castro. Obama's UN resolution was partnered with Bolivia, Mexico, Venezuela.

When asked about Iran's elections, Obama replied that he really misses Michael Jackson.

A CNN poll claims that 74% of Americans don't want us "directly intervening" in Iran's crisis (sampling about a thousand people, no info on specific polling data). Only a quarter of those polled think America should support the protesters. So much for beacon of freedom!

The Revolutionary Guard set up a new internet police unit to battle communication and free expression

Newsweek's journalist confessed to being a spy. Pretty much everyone has confessed to being a spy.

Iran accused CNN of training people to "hack government and foreign ministry." If only.

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