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The War Of Tweets: Iran

As we learn that the State Department has intervened to keep Twitter up, it becomes evident that Twitter is huge in the Iranian revolution.

There are dozens of trolls in Twitter from Iran's government right now spreading misinformation. One popular lie was that "#iranelection is being blocked in Iran, switch to different hashtag." Boingboing is spreading the word on how to help keep Iranians on Twitter safe.

While there are plentiful proxy IPs for Iranian, the government trolls block them as soon as they are publicized, so Iranians on Twitter are still asking for some.

The kind hackers at 4chan have set up this forum site to offer advice on how to treat injuries and to organize attacks on governmental websites. In just an hour after its creation I saw activity there explode (I know no one is going to believe me, but I was the very first one to visit this site after its creation).

Twitter is a revolution in and of itself. The mainstream media is impotent on an international level. Beyond that, will Twitter be the device that heals animosity between the United States and Iran? We see ancient prophecy being fulfilled as thousands proclaim freedom literally from their housetops. Maybe the biblical highway of peace between nations will be brought about through simple tweets.

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