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AFP: Ousted Honduran Leader's "Humble Supporters"

AFP felt sorry for the Marxist supporters of impeached president of Honduras, Zelaya: "Several of the president’s humble supporters said they were exhausted after 10 days of talk about his return. Many had walked long distances to reach the border area." AFP lamented that "supporters in Honduras were losing faith that Zelaya would enter the country as promised."

AFP applauds the "president" symbolic "briefly setting foot into his country"... Well actually, Zelaya turned and ran away scared after vowing to enter the country. But who cares about what he said last week?

Naturally, AFP only reports on protests from "hundreds of Zelaya supporters" and completely ignores protests by hundreds and thousands of Zelaya opponents.

After cheering Obama for refusing to "meddle" in Iran's fight for freedom, the media continues to attack Honduras for standing up against a dictator, a non-"coup."

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