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Update! AP Lied! AP Cover-Up: China's Mandatory Surveillence Spyware

Update! Contrary to AP's claims, the Green Dam software will be mandatory!

The Associated Press reported that China's "controversial Internet-filtering software" 'Green Dam,' which is mandatory for all computers in the country, raises screening "to a new level." AP reports: "Beijing operates extensive Internet filters to block access to material considered obscene or subversive."

What AP covers up is that the software is not for screening, but for surveillence. Epoch Times reports that hackers have found that not only does it block websites, the software sends info on computer usage to a government database.

"In fact, the software is capable of blocking politically sensitive websites, filtering out content based on a list of keywords, recording keystrokes and passwords, taking screenshots every 3 minutes, and recording all of the websites visited along with all of the user’s other internet activity."

"... Green Dam has 2,700 keywords relating to pornography, and 6,500 politically sensitive keywords [to block websites]. While these keywords include references to the Tiananmen Square massacre and Tibet, the great majority of the keywords refer to Falun Gong..."

"Analysts believe that Green Dam gives the regime the ability to tighten its control by collecting personal information and secretly sending it to a central database, while strengthening the regime’s ability to censor the internet. The collected information could then be used to persecute dissidents."

"Chinese users of Green Dam have found that the Green-Dam injects a dll file into Internet Explorer that prohibits the usage of FreeGate. Analysts predict that Green Dam will in its future updates add code that will prohibit the usage of proxy servers, another anti-blockage technology."

"The makers of Green Dam claim that, while the software will be pre-installed, users can remove it."

"A mainland Chinese computer expert discovered the truth after he installed and uninstalled the screening software. He said, “When we used its [Green Dam] uninstallation program to uninstall the software, about half of Green Dam’s 110 system files continued to reside in the computer. After restarting the computer, Green Dam’s screening program is running actively in the background. The only part of the software uninstalled is its user interface.
"The expert added, “Pre-loading the screening software and providing an uninstallation program that does not actually uninstall the software is an act of coercion. Green Dam project is a coercive software.”

The truth is that this mandatory software amounts to big brother invading every inch of the computer-- and it will likely end up in imports into the United States!

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