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AP Lie: Honduras Had 'Unconstitutional Miliarty Coup'

Update!: Looks like Zelaya was anything but a populist president as the media claims

Newsweek- "According to Mexican pollster Mitofsky's April survey, Zelaya was Latin America's least popular leader. Only 25 percent of the nation supported him. Another survey found that 67 percent of Hondurans would never vote for him again. Why? Because the Hondurans attributed to him a deep level of corruption; because they assumed he had links to drug trafficking, especially drugs originating in Venezuela, as former U.S. Ambassador to the O.A.S. Roger Noriega revealed in a well-documented article published in his blog; and because violence and poverty -- the nation's two worst scourges -- have increased dramatically during his three years in power.

Simply put, a huge majority of the country -- including the two major political parties (including Zelaya's), the Christian churches, the other branches of government and the armed forces -- do not want him as president. All agreed that he should finish his mandate and leave power in January 2010, but no one wanted him to break the law to keep himself in the presidency. Hugo Chávez has already done that, and Nicaragua's Daniel Ortega, Bolivia's Evo Morales and probably Ecuador's Rafael Correa are also trying to do the same. The Hondurans, without question, do not want to go down the path of Hugo Chavez's collectivist and anti-Western "caudillismo," allied to Iran, Cuba and North Korea."

The Honduras Supreme Court and Congress followed proper and legal order in ordering the military to arrest the corrupt president. The media has completely ignored the constitution of Honduras that spells it out very plainly.

The lying Associated Press reported:
"Ousted President Manuel Zelaya said Saturday that he would return to Honduras to try to retake office following last week's military-backed coup...

Honduras rebuffed demands by the international community to reinstate Zelaya in the name of constitutional order, thrusting the poor Central American nation deeper into political crisis and isolation...

The new government has imposed a nightly curfew and limited Hondurans' constitutional rights during it..."

AP provides zero evidence that Hondurans have lost constitutional rights. Actually, Hondurans have gained constitutional rights.

AP provides zero evidence that it was a military coup. Actually, the military followed orders from the Supreme Court, backed up by the Congress. All legal, constitutional, not a coup.

AP provides zero evidence that reinstating the corrupt president would be constitutional. Actually the constitution, if anyone would read it, makes very clear that his citizenship and office is revoked, and that he is open to prosecution.

AP continues the lies:

"The Micheletti government has charged Zelaya with 18 criminal acts including treason and failing to implement more than 80 laws approved by Congress since taking office in 2006...

Zelaya's vow to return set up a showdown between supporters of the ousted president, who hail mostly from the country's poor and middle class, and largely well-to-do backers of the coup that ousted him, who have held their own daily marches in support of Roberto Micheletti."

AP omits the main charg against Zelaya, the one that broke the camel's back so to speak, which is that he sought to become president for life. The constitution expressly forbids this, and orders him arrested for attempting it.

Zelaya was elected because of his popularity among the poor, much like Ahmenenijad and Hitler, but how popular is he among the poor now? I don't see any polls, I don't see any interviews.

What else did AP omit? Geez, where do I begin?

Thousands protesting against Zelaya. Or Fox News calling for an invasion. Or the fact that it was the Supreme Court not the military that ordered him arrest?....

This Associated Press article is one huge war-mongering lie.

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