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British Embassy Staff Face Execution In Iran; Obama To Illegally Sanction Honduras

Breaking! Video of Iran police beating protesters:

Iran's top cleric said Iran will put U.K. Embassy staff on trial for supposedly fomenting protests. As I reported earlier, Iran has already begun executions for involvement in protests. Reports say hundreds are being hanged.

Twenty protesters will be hanged on July 4th, and 6 have been hanged already in Tehran
Obama blocked international sanctions against Iran revealing his support for the brutal regime. Breaking video of police attacking protesters today:

Obama's administration dilivered Honduras an ultimatum that included large economic sanctions against the country if they don't reinstate President Manuel Zelaya, who was legally impeached and ousted for seeking to become Supreme Leader for life. Obama will cut valuable funds for battling drugs that end up in the United States.

Chavez trafficked drugs into the US through Honduras further thickening the plot of Obama's friendship with Chavez and the ousted president of Honduras.

Fox News and other media have backed Obama in preparing for war against Honduras. There has been a complete media lie about the "coup," which actually followed proper constitutional law.

Breaking Iran Updates!

German companies sold Iran torture devices including electric shockers that deliver 120,000 volts. Many Germany companies do business with Iran, including Siemens.

Police killed 5 protesters and arrested 200 in Mashhad. Family who mourned victims were attacked by Basij police in Beheshte Zahra Cemetery.

Video of protester killed by police today:

The University of Sistan o Baluchistan has been closed by Iran's government. A journalist from Etemade Melli newspaper called his family from prison. An Iran Telecom employee who has sent text messages to the BBC has been fired from his job.

EU summoned all of Iran's diplomats, but I'm guessing it isn't for a bbq cook-out like Obama had in mind.

The Dutch government banned sales to Iran of all technology for filtering or censoring information. (Hewlett Packard, meanwhile, has been helping China's great fire wall)

Video of U2 "Sunday Bloody Sunday" dedicated to Iranians' cause

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