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China Cuts Internet As Police Slaughter Hundreds In Xinjiang Riot

Video of Han Chinese beating Uighur protesters with metal rods:

China cut cell phones and internet usage in restive Xinjiang (actually it's not restive for anyone who's been paying attention), and blocked Twitter and other blogging applications in other parts of China following China's largest uprising in decades.

China's government used machine guns to kill and arrest hundreds say Uighur spokespeople.

At least 156 killed according to China's communist mouthpiece Xinhua. China's government reports 828 injured. Many more arrested so far. Police have smashed reporters' cameras.

Government sources handed out metal rods to Han Chinese that were used to beat the ethnic Muslims until troops arrived to brutally quell the unrest, say sources.

Reuters doesn't say how it started. Associated Press reports that: "...police arrived to disperse a peaceful protest demanding justice for two Uighurs killed last month during a fight with Han co-workers at a factory in southern China."

Epoch Times gives the full story: "Allegedly, a fight broke out in the factory between several hundred Uighur and Han Chinese workers after a rape. Apparently there were 118 wounded and two female Uighur workers killed in the fight. All Uighur workers were fired following the incident—causing protests to build in Urumqi, according to state media."

China blames people in the United States for organizing and leading the riot.

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged China to allow people to peacefully protest. Once again the U.N. is useless!

Oops we did it again! China's government-media gave this response to the massacre: ""Oops! Not again!" was almost the universal response when news of the unrest... For whoever was behind the riot, or for whatever intentions they had in masterminding the bloodshed, one thing is clear: under no circumstances should slaughters be brooked, violence allowed or national security challenged.""

More Video

Most media, including New York Times, are giving only communist China's version of events. Al Jazeera's reporter in Xinjiang tweets: "Tricky: Go on a government trip and get their version of the story, or go on your own and risk not getting access anywhere, getting nothing."

image source: Boxun

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