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Fox Covers Up Obama's Sissy Baseball Pitch

Update!Obama botched the name of his beloved White Sox' home. He called Comiskey Park "Comisky Field"

Update! Obamas mom jeans are making quite a splash!

Even Yahoo Sports thinks it is suspicious that Fox cut off the catch of Obama's first pitch. Obama's first pitch of the All-Star Game didn't even reach home plate! But you wouldn't know it watching Fox. The tight camera angle only shows Obama throwing the ball. Fox broadcasters even erroneously cried: Obama is "getting it to the plate."

But Yahoo Sports shows a front angle of what really hapened.

How did Fox know Obama would throw like a girl? Because it happened before. Look at this video:

They cut out his throw from the camera then too!

Compare the girly throw, laughs, and booes with the loud response Bush got after he threw a perfect strike:

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Euripides said...

Obama's been accused of many things, but being particularly manly has never been one of them.