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Fox News Beats War Drum: Hondurans "Demand Manuel Zelaya Be Reinstated"

"The only way the ousted president will ever set foot back in the country is with a foreign invasion!... He was kicked out in a coup, yes it was a coup!"

As I showed before, Honduras followed their proper laws by impeaching and expelling their president who broke their constitution.

Fox News and every other mainstream media in the west shows only a handful of Marxist protesters and claims this is the country's sentiment. They will never report on this:

Tens of thousands of Hondurans demonstrated in support of Micheletti and against Chavez-lackey Manuel Zelaya who was ousted on Sunday after he tried to remain in office illegally. (El Heraldo)

Message to Obama. "Obama, help us to defend our democracy, constitution and freedom. Do not support the following Chavez." (Photo by Leonel Estrada- El Heraldo)

The Hondurans also protested CNN's coverage of the crisis. They claimed CNN was ignoring the corruption of the Zelaya administration. (La Prensa)

via gatewaypundit

The media complained about media censorship in 2007 under Zelaya. Looks like they didn't really mind after all...

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