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Han Mob Violence Against Muslim Uighurs Spreads

Chants of 'Death to Uighurs' Echo Around Urumqi. That's a headline that you will only see in non-American medi. Der Spiegel reports: "On Monday their husbands and sons were "arbitrarily" beaten up and taken away by police, the women say. "One old woman was beaten," they say. "They even took an eight-year-old boy.""

"The chaos returned when hundreds of young Han men seeking revenge began gathering on sidewalks with kitchen knives, clubs, shovels and wooden poles." AP notices the racial violence against Uighurs in Xinjiang unlike most media: "They spent most of the afternoon marching through the streets, smashing windows of Muslim restaurants and trying to push past police cordons protecting minority neighborhoods. Riot police successfully fought them back with volleys of tear gas and a massive show of force.

At one point, the mob chased a boy who looked like he was a Uighur. The youth, who appeared to be about 12, climbed a tree, and the crowd tried to whack his legs with their sticks as the terrified boy cried."

China is heavily censoring news and internet, while trying to charm foreign media.

BBC obviously doesn't know what's going on, they say things are "restive" and there's an "uneasy calm."

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