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Human Rights Abuses Reported In Iran Prisons; Iran Expands Secret Police By 300,000

Iran will expand their Basij Secret police by 300,000 members, state media reported. More recruits will be brought in from Syria and Lebanon. Take a look at the "user comments" on that webpage...

Drivers honk, heckle Basij and drive away. In this video, one such protester gets caught. He gets beaten and arrested and his car gets trashed:

Iran's top general says troops are willing to die to stop protests as Iran's regime seeks reassurance that the military is on their side. The military greatly outnumbers the Revolutionary Guard.

Iran is playing for time as they develop nuclear weapons. Reuters reports that Iran is preparing a series of "political, security and international issues" to waste the West's time with.

At least one prisoner in Evin has died of torture, 19 year old Sohrab A’rabi. According to released prisoners, tortures include: Constant binding and beatings with batons, forcing prisoners to lay on wounds or burning surfaces, pouring boiling water over prisoners' heads, thrown alone in dark 9 foot cells for months, withholding food and starving them, no shower or sanitary devices provided, no medical help allowed, overcrowding of Evin prison due to the amount arrested, sleep deprivation, harsh language in interrogations (huge issue in Islamic religion).

Here's is the deceased student's mother outside Evin prison:

(from revolutionary road)

Iran has at least 36 journalists still in prison including illegally detained international jouranlists.

Police sweep through residences daily confiscating satellites [photo from atlas shrugged]

Video of Basij hit by car cornered in dead-end street.

Iran arrested an American scholar named Kian Tajbakhsh who taught in Allameh Tabataba’i University. He had been arrested previously in 2007.

Obama released five Iranian Revolutionary Guard who planned terrorism in Iraq. More evidence Obama supports Iran's brutal regime!

Iran's media claimed America stoked the unrest in China's Xinjiang province. China and Iran go together like a horse and carriage.

Huffington Post has ceased reporting on Iran. Until a few days ago, they gave indepth coverage daily.

The woman taking this video was arrested for having a camera:

Video of police in Cyprus beating Iranian protesters:

Uighur Repression in China Update

Iran supported China's brutal crackdown of Muslims in Xinjiang showing that it was never about religion.

China arrested a Rio Tinto Group executive after the company backed out of a lucrative deal with a Chinese company. Rio says this brutal action is bad for business certainty in Australia and elsewhere.

"Corpses litter the streets like burnt furniture. Hunger and chaos prevail" says der Spiegel. Up to 800 Uighurs have died.

Uighurs were lynched and hung at the entrance to a Urumqi medical school by Han Chinese, witnesses say.

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