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"Hundreds Of Unidentified Bodies Are Piling Up" In Iran; 150 Dead From Plane Crash

A plane crashed in Northern Iran killing 150 according to Iran government media. Some reports say 160. The plane crashed shortly after takeoff. It was headed to Armenia. More to come...

Hundreds of unidentified bodies from protests lie in Tehran's morgues Nooroz reports. Family members must identify the dead from hundreds of pictures, and must sign a confession that they died in a car crash before they can receive the body.

Three hospitals recorded 34 dead on June 20th, far exceeding the official total of 11.

Taraneh M. was randomly arrested because she was "too beautiful." Police gang raped her repeatedly in prison, leading to hospitalization for damage to her womb and anus.

China is on alert for Al Qaeda threat said a Chinese spokesman. "It's not an issue of ethnicity or religion" he said.

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