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In Obama Birth Announcement, Addresses Contradict Social Security Info

Update: AP again claims Obama's certificate of life birth is a birth certificate. It isn't. That certificate of live birth was recently issued, the birth certificate from when he was born is still unseen. The Department of Health claims they've seen it, even though CNN's president says it was destroyed in a fire.

There are 23 birth announcements in the supposed newspaper birth announcement of Barack Obama's birth. Each lists a parent. I could only confirm that six of these parents really lived in Hawaii around that time.

Using this people search I compared their known addresses from the US Social Security Index with the addresses listed on the newspaper clipping:

  • Newspaper: Melvin K F Liu/ 45-548 Keaahal Rd. Kaneone, 96744
    Social Security Info: Melvin K F Liu/ born 1931, Kaneohe 96744
  • Newspaper: John R. Waidelich/ 937 15th Ave. Honolulu, 96816
    Social Security Info: John R. Waedelich/ born 1927, Honolulu 96821
  • Newspaper: Edward S H Chun/ 45-440 Akimalu St. Kaneohe, 96744
    Social Security Info: Edward S H Chun/ born 1913 or 1920, Honolulu 96816
  • Newspaper: Robert I Arkawa/ 93513 Hausten St. Honolulu, 96826
    Social Security Info: Robert I Arkawa/ born 1926 Honolulu, 96818
  • Newspaper: Goerge P Ayau/ 87143 Liliana St Maile Waianae 96792
    Social Security Info: Goerge P Ayau/ born 1936 Honolulu 96817
  • Newspaper: Samuel K. Haae Sr./ 849a 11th Ave. Honolulu 96816
    Social Security Info: Samuel K. Haae Sr./ born 1929 Waianae 96792
I also checked with prior addresses. Look for yourself.

While few names from the newspaper clipping showed up in a genealogical search, it should be noted that each address showed up perfectly on google maps. The only discrepancy there: the newspaper lists a "Kaululaau Highway" which doesn't exist; it's "Kaululaau Street."

This is by no means a smoking gun. Maybe these people all happened to have previous addresses and they got lost. But it's very suspicous.

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