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Iran Begins Executing Prisoners. Honduras "Coup" Was Legal, No Coup

Message to Obama. "Obama, help us to defend our democracy, constitution and freedom. Do not support the following Chavez." (Photo by Leonel Estrada- El Heraldo)

U.S. media completely ignores hundreds in Honduras protesting AGAINST President Zelaya as they tell the lie that people are outraged about the "coup."

Honduras voters protested CNN bias. American media have falsely claimed that Honduras oppose the "coup."

Iran is executing hundreds of prisoners according to twitter reports.

Seven protesters were arrested in Qazvi along with the head of the Participation Front in Hormozgan Province, Mr. Ramezanpour.

Protester tortured and raped in prison according to this report

Doctors were badly beaten for trying to prevent police from arresting injured protesters at Loghman Hospital who were injured by police today.

New photo evidence shows ballot boxes that haven't been counted. Guess who the votes inside were for.

An Oil Ministry official was arrested in Iran for allegedly instigating a strike Other members were recently arrested

(Iran Press News photo: Iranian student in coma after beaten by police.)

Six Mousavi supporters have been hanged. Iran's media claims they were convicted on unrelated charges

Europe's Interpol Is Prosecuting The Doctor Who Tried To Save Neda, revealing Europe's coziness with Iran's brutal regime. Iran's government media completely lies about Interpol's involvement.

Hillary Clinton urged Obama to talk tough on Iran long before he broke his silence.

There is a complete media blackout on massive protests against Honduras president Zelaya today. The streets were filled with thousands of citizens who support Micheletti's actions

Looking at Honduras' constitution, it is clear that Honduras followed proper laws in ousting President Zelaya. Chapter 3, Article 42 states that anyone who fraudulently produces or alters election documents loses citizenship. You wouldn't know this reading Associated Press, but Zelaya created and distributed false election ballots in violation of the courts.

ARTICLE 313 .- The courts will require the help of the security forces to fulfill their resolutions, if they refused or were not any available, as required of citizens. Anyone who unreasonably refuses to give aid liability. This is exactly what happened.

Article 3: No one owes obedience to a usurper government or to those who assume public office or employment by force of arms or by using means or procedures that violate or are unaware of what the Constitution and the laws. Verified by acts such authorities are zero and the people have the right to resort to insurrection in defense of constitutional order.

Article 4: Alternation in the presidency of the Republic is required.

Article 272: The Armed Forces of Honduras, is a National Institution of a permanent nature, essentially professional, apolitical, obedient and not deliberating... They are set up to defend the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Republic, keep the peace, public order and the rule of the Constitution, the principles of free suffrage and alternation in the presidency of the Republic.

Our media and government have lied to us completely about the Honduras "military coup."

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