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Iran Protests Continue, Dozens In Army Arrested

Iran will arrest people for sabotage if they over-use electricity, the Minister of Energy announced. Blackouts have resulted from this kind of protest.

Arrested protesters are chained in hallways because of overcrowding in Evin prison. Rape and torture are common.

Protests continued today in Tehran, Shiraz, and other cities. Our media is silent, however. Associated Press and Yahoo are too busy telling us we are racist if we oppose Sotomayer. That's much more important...

Iran arrested 36 army officers because they wanted to attend Rafsanjani's sermon in uniform. This gesture was seen as support for the protests.

Iran's Vice President resigned because his stance on Israel was only "Moderate." He made the mistake of saying that Iran's quarrel is with Israel's government, not it's people. Such speech is unacceptable!

Police shoot protesters with paintballs to mark them for arrest, where they will be likely tortured and executed.

Iran blamed U.S. for the plane crash, calling sanctions against Iran a crime against humanity. Tehran Bureau agrees btw.

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