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Iran Protests Continue; Millions Protest Worldwide

London police beat protesters as protesters chased away an camera man from Iran's Press TV state media. In this video at (2:22) you can see a protester beat the cameraman's car and then fly backwards, apparently slammed out of the way. The crowd screams, "Get lost you spy!" The scuffle between British police and protesters left at least one protester injured and one arrested.

Protests spread in Iran today. In Tehran:

At Evin prison:

The U.S. Senate unanimously approved the The Victims of Iranian Censorship Act introduced by McCain to help Iranian people get access to news and information safely.

Ahmadinejad’s Deputy stepped down today after pressure from Supreme Leader Khamenei.

Another plane crashed In Iran, killing at least 16. Again Russian-made.

Disease is rampant in Iran's fetid prisons, spreading death quickly.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu voices his support for today's Global Day of Action. In this video.

Protests around the world today:

Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Stockholm, Vienna, London, Cologne, Paris, Dubai, Vancouver, Stuttgart, Toronto, Frankfurt, New York City, Portland, Dallas, Washington D.C., Amsterdam, Dublin, Rome, Hamburg, Brisbane, Heidelberg, Berlin, Tokyo, San Jose, Austin

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